About the Human Rights Sex Trade Case

In a few countries, prostitution is legal. In other countries, it takes place underground. If caught in the sex trade, people are penalized. However, in France, laws were passed in 2016 that made prostitution illegal.The criminal responsibility is on the buyer and he will be fined if caught.

However, this law has been challenged by a demonstration held in Paris recently by the sex workers. The case will be heard soon in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The result of this case can have negative consequences for those who are voting against prostitution.

The law against prostitution was a controversial one from the beginning. The sex workers’ rights campaigners argue that the entire sex trade must be decriminalized.

However, many people believe that prostitution is degrading for the majority of women. Removing the law against prostitution will permit men to pay for sex. It will give room for the sexual exploitation of women.

The applicants who wanted the current prostitution law in France to be changed, argue based on the three articles in the European convention on human rights. These are the right to life, the right to private life, and the prohibition of inhuman treatment.

They believe that the current law puts women’s lives in danger as they will face more violence from men who come to buy sex underground. They believe that women have the right to decide to sell sex.

If the law changes, then it will affect other countries where prostitution is illegal. The brothels are not a very clean place, so their presence will affect the environment. Most people believe that changing the law will increase the misery for women.

The rate of sexual exploitation of women or mistreatment of women will not lower if the law is changed. So, people are waiting eagerly for the result and waiting to learn about the social effect it will have once implemented.

Human Sex Trafficking: An Online Epidemic

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