This magazine is read by thousands of people every day who wants to know about the world economy, culture, society, and environment. They read the magazine to stay updated with the latest news about the world. It’s a wonderful platform to get prospective customers for your business. If you are interested, you can advertise in our magazine.

We already have more than 10,000 subscribers and the number is growing every day. Our social media followers are close to 20,000. With such a big reach, this is a perfect platform to get more customers and promote your brand.

We offer multiple advertising options so that you can choose one that is suitable for your business. Not every business gets the same result from a particular advertising solution.

So, you may have to experiment with a couple of them before you find one that is appropriate for your business. You should also try more than one advertising option. Here are the advertising options we are offering.

Product reviews

Product or service review is a popular advertising option. People now buy things based on reviews. The reason for this is competition. As you can now find companies providing similar products and services, one of the ways to tell the difference is by reading reviews.

The product reviews can highlight the best features of your brand and put your brand in front of the competitors. So, people will prefer your brand over others. We have a dedicated team of writers who will write good reviews for your brand.

Banner ads

Banner ads can be of various sizes. You can create banner ads in different sizes and place them on the top or sidebars. The rates of the banner ads vary according to the size, position, and duration of the ad.

You can also share your space with other brands. In such a case, the rate will be lower. You must include good graphics, animation, and text to make the ad attractive. There must be a ‘call to action’ button to redirect readers to your site.

Social media ads

Social media is a wonderful platform for promoting your brand. As we have a very large number of social media followers, placing the advertisement here will reach a lot of prospective customers.

To learn more about the advertising options you can contact us. We can give you a quote for the advertising rates on request.