Impact of Indian Americans in the American Culture

Over the last half-century, many Indians have migrated to the US. Along with their luggage, they have brought their language and culture with them. The influence of Indian culture is now prominent in the US. India’s linguistic, cultural, and religious diversity is huge and its influence in the US cannot be ignored.

In newspapers every day, you will find at least one article that talks about the role India is playing in economic or technological development. When you turn on the television, you will see shows about India. In many films, you will now see Indian actors and some of the dialogues are even in Indian.

Some of the movies’ plots are about the Indian family or the country. Danny Boyle’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, for instance, is about the life of an Indian boy. Indian movies are now shown in movie theatres.

In music also, you can see the Indian influence. John Lennon, the guitarist of the Beatles, composed a song called ‘Across the Universe’. In this song, there is a chorus line in Hindi. Indian background scoresare often used in movies. Bollywood music is being played in dance clubs. Indian dances are also now popular in the US.

In reality shows like ‘Masterchef’, you will notice Indian participants introducing Indian cuisine. The American streets are full of Indian restaurants. India is known as the richest linguistic nation. The words ‘namaste’ or ‘om’ are even known by the Americans.

Yoga has recently become one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit. Yoga’s rootsarein India. You will find many Indian terms in yoga classes. Many Americans go to yoga classes.

The Indian communities are growing in the US. India’s huge economic expansion and technological advances have created a huge space in international business. India now has a strong foothold in the global marketplace. Their demand in the global job market is high. Many Indians are getting into good schools and making themselves a great prospect in the job market.

The workplace today welcomes diversity. So, a multi-cultured workplace has become productive and efficient. There is no need for the Indian language in foreign affairs and business. So, unlike the previous generation, when the Indian language was not considered very useful in the US, the children of this generation are taught the importance of their language and culture in the workplace and society.

The world now accepts people with their roots, without forcing them to change. As the marketplace has become global, countries get to preserve their culture and influence other cultures as well just like India.

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