Online Gambling Status in India

The online casino has now spread all over the world. Initially, there were restrictions in many countries. But now,many countries have liberalized their laws about online casinos and India is no exception. It’s still a small market but there is huge growth potential. Here we are going to know about the laws and regulations of online gambling in India.

In India, all kinds of gambling are regulated at the state level. That creates a problem because different states have different regulations about online gambling. This has also created huge problems and complications for the casino operators in India who want to serve the whole country.

India still holds on to the ancient gambling laws. With the cutting-edge technologies today, these laws don’t make much sense now. According to the Public Gaming Act of 1887, the operation of casinos and anything related to it is considered to be a crime and you will be penalized for it. However, it also states that this law won’t apply to any game of skill, but only to the game of chance.

So, India separates gambling into two segments: Games of Chance and Games of Skill. However, most of the online casino games today have elements of both chance and skill. For example, you can win with free spins but you need to apply some tactics. With this situation, some states will hold onto this law.

Some states have updated their anti-gambling policies. So, this means that in many states, online gambling won’t be legalized any sooner. The Information Technology Act of 2000 has introduced blocking servers of online betting, without defining the boundaries of online gambling. So, this restricts the operations of many online casinos.

To gamble online, players need to choose an offshore licensed casino. It is expected that the Indian law for online gambling will change soon so that more online casinos can operate in the country.

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