Write For Us

Journalism is tough work. You have to go from one place to another for collecting the latest news. If you want your hard work to pay off, then you can join our team. We are a popular online news magazine having thousands of new visitors every day. We focus on economy, environment, culture, society, and world news.

With such a vast segment, you will find many things to write about. This will give you the chance to explore different fields and sharpen your journalistic ability. We want the writers to focus on the latest news that will affect people’s lives, work, or businesses. We want you to write on the most pressing topics to get the readers’ attention.

We want our readers to read about the latest news on these topics first from our magazine. So, you must be quick in searching for information. You must be a good researcher and act in advance.

We support good journalism. So, you must get the information from only the authentic sources and mention your sources in the article so that people get to verify them.

The news or article you write shouldn’t be that long. It must be to the point so that the readers can get valuable information within a short time. We expect your writings to be backed by pictures and statistics. These will make the news or article stronger and more acceptable to the readers.

You must not use jargon as our readers come from various age groups and backgrounds. We want everyone to understand what you are trying to say. You must write in short sentences so that they are understandable. You should also use short paragraphs.

The heading or title of the news or article must be catchy. But you shouldn’t misguide the readers by giving a colorful heading and quite a different story inside. In our magazine, there are many articles. The readers should be able to choose which one to read by reading your heading.

After you finish writing the article or news, make sure to proofread it for any grammatical or typing error. Our team will review your articles and send you feedback. For more information about the writing position, please contact us.